Muay Thai combat sport emphasizing the fight in the clinch with the use of elbow and knee strikes. It is assumed that muay thai originates from Thailand, however, there are no historical sources confirming clearly and ultimately this assumption. Despite the fact that most countries from that region claim that they have invented this martial art, there is no doubt that it was in Thailand that it developed the most, becoming almost a national sport. 

Today's muay thai is a ring fighting sport. It is a style played in a stand-up collar (the player lying on the boards does not participate in the fight). The formula of the fight is only full-contact, where the blows are dealt with full strength. There are also schools that teach traditional muay borate techniques ("ancient (ancient) boxing"). Thai boxing has been cultivated in Poland since the beginning of the 1990s. We currently have two competing organizations involved in this sport.

Technical characteristics

The features that distinguish Thai boxing from other popular styles are the extensive use of elbow and knee strikes (in the amateur formula on the elbows, knees and the body are put on protectors, in professional fights they are bare). These strikes often result in quick knockouts. Thai boxing also places special emphasis on using low round kicks. The basis of the style is a low kick in the thigh (called low kick in English). It has many variants - including as a kick falling from the top down. It is performed with a tight body tightening, and even the player's turn after hitting the target. The shaving surface in it is shin, less often the foot. Thai boxing attaches great importance to clinch, or melee combat. It is an easily recognizable element of Thai boxing. The fighting position is mainly frontal, hands are held wider than in a boxing fist, making it harder to catch in the clinch. Interceptions of kicks, overthrows and undercuts are allowed, while prohibited throws, which are used in judo. The weakness of Thai boxing is the lack of one-story fighting, choking and leverage

Attire and training degrees

The training outfit consists of Thai shorts and sleeveless shirts. In professional fights, competitors have their bodies bare. The weight of the gloves is 10 or 12 ounces (i.e. from 283.5 g to 340 g) depending on the weight category. As a rule, Thai boxing is not suitable for training degrees. Recognition is gained by the number of fights won. However, some organizations,United States Muay Thai Association, award degrees.

Classification of Thai boxing techniques

  • Cherng muay – the basics. These are the rules for the use of natural human weapons in defense or attack
  • Kon muay – fighting techniques.
    • kon muay kee – echniques of defense and counterattacks:
    • kon muay jujom – attack techniques:
    • chap ko – techniques of stand-up grabs and close range fighting:
  • Mae mai – luk mai – Thai boxing champion combinations. They rely on the effective use of manual and foot techniques. Currently, they are rarely practiced because they are quite difficult to master. However, they are part of the tradition. They are divided into two groups:
    • mae mai muay thai 
    • luk mai muay thai
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